Does Your Company Have A 21st Century Employee Intellectual Property Agreement?

Mitchell Intellectual LawWhen was your company employee intellectual property agreement written?  When was it last reviewed?  Does it deal with confidential information leaks occasioned by an employee’s use of personal computers for company business?  We recommend including a provision such a

All work done by Employee which relates to the activities of the Company shall be done and saved on the Company computer network, using a computer or computers owned and supplied by the Company.  In no event will Employee do or save any work related to the activities of the Company on Employee’s personal or any other third party computer.

Does your employee IP agreement include a “fiduciary” duty clause, and/or a “covenant not to compete” for a reasonable time after termination?

We at Mitchell Intellectual Property Law stand prepared to assist you in reviewing and if necessary updating your employee IP agreement, and any of your other standard IP related agreements.  Make sure you are fairly and well protected in intellectual property matters.

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