One of the hallmarks of Mitchell IP Law is our dedication to our clients. We strive to understand your business and your business plans, in order to best assist you in getting the best value for your intellectual property dollars. But don’t take our word for it; see what our friends and clients have to say!

“I was able to review everything, and I’m duly impressed. I was not able to spot anything that I would correct.”

Thomas J Overly, LMSW
In reference to his patent application prepared by MIP Law

“Thank you Bruce Kanuch! Only because of your gracious help, have we been able to continue on the way forward. Thank you for helping us to take the next step to create a successful and robust business!”

Selestial Soap LLC, in appreciation of Bruce’s ongoing service to them.

“Absolutely amazing work. This is some of the best patent work I have seen.
Your grasp of the product in such short order is commendable. I like your additions!”

LeRoy Johnson, Director of Product Development, Urbaneer, LLC, and Senior Director of Emerging Technologies, Leggett & Platt, in reference to a patent application prepared by MIP

“Jim’s courtroom demeanor was what I imagined his cousin, Abraham Lincoln’s, would have been, (yes, Jim is actually a fifth cousin of President Lincoln). He was clear, certain, resolute. He spoke with a simple, compelling eloquence. He completely devastated the opposition, summarizing their claims as, “egregious.”

Douglas Fast

“I do want to thank you for your counsel on this.  I believe that we handled this matter as well as it could possibly have been handled from A to Z.”

Satisfied client in reference to litigation handled by MIP Law.

“Jim Mitchell is an intelligent person who pursues professional tasks energetically, diligently and with integrity. His approach to various areas of intellectual property reveal the depth of his knowledge of law, science and ethics. I enjoyed working with Jim and learned a great deal from him about problem solving, patent law, patience and persistence. He is dedicated to the best interests of his family, friends and clients.”

Norman B. Marshall PhD, Vice President Medical Affairs, The Upjohn Company

“For more than a decade I have had the privilege to know and work with you on several patent applications. You have provided an unparalleled legal support and insight to our efforts that have resulted in almost 100% allowance of our patent applications. Your knowledge of the subject matter, sheer determination and creativity have helped achieve these positive results. We greatly value your opinion, dedication and legal counsel and hope we have many opportunities to work with you in the future.”

Dr. Nirmal Sinha, Director of Research, Graceland Fruit

“Our Company has been associated with Jim Mitchell as a Patent Attorney for many years. During this time he has proven to be diligent, persistent, innovative, extremely loyal and successful in getting Patents and Trademarks approved in Washington while providing valuable advice, guidance and added value to our Patent and Trademark efforts and portfolio. I’m confident he will provide the same valuable services to any of his clients.”

Chad Frost, President, The Frost Group

“Thank you for your thoroughness, integrity, and professionalism with me when serving as an expert witness for several of your pharmaceutical patent litigation clients. Your excellent technical and scientific knowledge, combined with your expertise and experience in patent law and litigation, are a potent combination.”

Charles Signorino, President (ret), Emerson Resources

“Jim Mitchell has been very successful in helping us avoid litigation, and in serving as lead counsel in several successfully litigated matters.  His knowledge of the FDA and Hatch Waxman procedures is very helpful. ”

Mike Jandernoa, CEO, Perrigo

“I have been working with Jim Mitchell for the past 3 decades, covering my career with 3 separate companies, and have also worked with 3 major patent firms during that time.  With 7 patents issued and 9 pending in a range of technologies including consumer products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals,  I have been through more than my share of patent challenges. This broad perspective has given me a greater appreciation for Jim’s ability to visualize and articulate new technical concepts and create effective patents and IP strategies.  I look forward to working with Jim again in the future on my next “technology adventure”.

Steve Klemm, Chief Scientific Officer, Leonardo Biosystems.